Korean Translation (한국어)


Korean is a spoken language in Korea, in the border districts of the People’s Republic of China (Yanbian) and in migrant communities (including Japan, China (Beijing, Shandong), Russia, Australia and the United States). United), France, etc.) and is the official language of North Korea and South Korea.

The classification of Korean is still controversial. Most linguists consider it an isolate language, while others group it into a hypothetical Altaic family. Some similarities with Japanese have been noted.

The alphabet used to write Korean is hangeul, created in the fifteenth century and became official in the nineteenth century. The hanja characters (sinograms used in this language) are also used, a large part of the lexicon being of Chinese origin (at least outside the current vocabulary).

The language extends over a territory of about 301 000 km (about 220 000 km 2 for the two Koreas together, about 42 000 km for the Yanbian prefecture of China (Jilin province) And the rest partly for three other Chinese provinces.