Hindi Translation (हिन्दी)


Hindi (Hindi: हिन्दी Hindi) is an Indo-European language resulting from the standardization of Hindu languages, which uses Sanskrit characters and vocabulary. Spoken mainly in northern and central India, it is an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan language branch, which is the largest family derived from Sanskrit and various Prakrit languages.

Hindi is one of the major languages in India and one of the two languages used by the federal government with English. In its current and sustained versions, Hindi is officially written with the alphasyllabary devanāgarī (from left to right) and its vocabulary is essentially from Sanskrit. The syntax and verbs of the language are also derived from Sanskrit.

Nowadays, Hindi and its dialects such as Bhojpuri are spoken by at least one billion people around the world, mainly in India, Nepal and the North Indian diaspora as in Mauritius. Not very widespread in the southern states of India until 1970, Hindi is increasingly being chosen as a second language.