Czech Translation (Česky)


Czech (Czech: čeština / tʃɛʃcɪna / ) is part of the Western Slavic languages (along with Kashubian, Polish, Slovak and Sorbian), which is a branch of the Indo-European language family. It is mainly spoken in the Czech Republic, which represents about eleven million speakers.

Czech is very close to Slovak and, to a lesser extent, Polish and Ruthenian. Most Czech and Slovak adults can understand each other without difficulty. In Czechoslovakia, they were in constant contact with both languages through national radio and television. Schools also offered children stories in the second language to familiarize them. Each one was bilingual until the partition of Czechoslovakia on January 1, 1993. Even today, Czechs and Slovaks have common TV programs. In spite of this, younger people who have not known Czechoslovakia’s time may find it difficult to understand when using very different words or speaking too fast.

Due to its complexity, Czech is considered difficult to learn. This complexity comes mainly from a wide variety of morphologies and syntaxes. As in all Slavic languages (with the exception of modern Bulgarian and modern Macedonian), words (nouns, pronouns and adjectives) are broken down according to their role in the sentence. In this respect, the grammar of the Czech and Slavic languages is closer to Indo-European origins than other Indo-European languages, in which declensions have become weaker (as in German), or have practically disappeared (as in French).

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